Automate your energy systems and optimize your use of electricity through IoT energy solutions.

Global renewable energy has doubled since 2008.

In 2008 renewable energy produced 18.5% of the world's electricity.

Today it sits at 25%—and it’s estimated to reach 30% by 2022.

Hydroelectric, solar, wind, bio and geothermal power are expected to reach over $1.5 trillion in market size by 2025.

This massive growth over the past decade means a select group of renewable energy companies did something right.

But how did they distinguish themselves?

They didn't outperform their competitors by only applying more physical improvements to their devices. It wasn’t only advancing their mechanical engineering. And it wasn’t only working long hours.

The difference lies in more efficient operations and better data solutions from internet of things (IoT) technology.

Sensor technology and managed IoT energy solutions enable the automation of wind farms and solar fields. Smart buildings save millions on electricity every year. Companies that implement IoT data solutions to lower their carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

Automated Energy Systems

Sensor-based technology provides data to help you automate the management of your wind farm. They’ll check turbines’ speed, vibration, acceleration and deceleration and also weather conditions and give you constant updates so you can optimize maintenance and reduce costs.

The same goes for solar fields, geothermal plants and oil rigs. Constant updates on weather and equipment conditions enables you to spot safety concerns quickly.

Imagine if more advanced monitoring and automatic shutdown systems had been installed to the Deepwater Horizon rig—the huge catastrophe might have been avoided.

Cost Effectiveness

How’d you like to save half a million dollars per year just by making your electricity usage more efficient?

With IoT energy solutions, you’ll drastically lower your energy bill year after year.

An example of such savings is the Shanska USA office. The famous tenant of the Empire State Building implemented several IoT energy management solutions in their Manhattan office. As a result, the company cut costs on electricity by 57% and saved $687,000 for their leasing period.

Optimize the Use of Electricity

American waste on average 283 kilowatts of energy per person every month (the same as running an electric oven at 350° F for six days straight)

IoT energy efficiency tools can help eliminate this waste.

Sensors on connected appliances, devices, surfaces and spaces enable you to monitor the use of electricity at different scales—within a house, office, block of apartments, a whole building or even a city.

Using the data generated from these sensors, you’ll get a better understanding of your energy usage habits and adjust them accordingly.

Learn How RAN Wireless Can Help You Achieve These Benefits and More Today.

The effective use of IoT will be a key differentiator for the winners in this next phase of growth in the renewable energy sector. The next wave of innovation in the energy industry will be driven these managed IoT solutions. With RAN Wireless managed IoT energy solutions, you’ll lower your day-to-day energy usage. If you’re interested in pinpointing issues, reducing inefficiencies and joining the inevitable shift of the renewable energy industry, reach out to us today.

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