Harness vast amounts of patient data to improve outcomes, reduce errors and monitor patients remotely.

Data and the Current State of Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare market size is currently $3.504 trillion.

There are currently less than 3 doctors for every 1,000 patients.

The number of U.S. citizens over age 65—who require by far the most care—is expected to double from 50 million to 100 million by 2060.

It’s no secret that exponential population growth and demographic change are defining challenges of our time. And healthcare is one of the main industries responsible for facing these challenges.

The answer in the past few decades has been an explosion of health data. Doctors now have more access to patient records, prescription information and medical histories.

The Challenge with Having Vast Quantities of Health Data

With the population boom and limited supply of doctors, we need better ways to deal with the massive amount of data we’re generating.

We need better ways of understanding and collecting health data…

…we need better ways of monitoring patients using data…

…and we need better ways of reducing errors regarding medical decisions.

The Solution

Increasingly, these challenges are being met by using internet of things (IoT) health solutions. These include connected devices that manage and monitor information regarding medical devices, patient outcomes, prescriptions and more.

The IoT healthcare market was valued at $28.42 billion in 2015 and is estimated to reach $337.41 billion by 2025.

RAN Wireless offers managed solutions that’ll let you utilize the data you generate to create consistently better outcomes for your patients.

Our current advances in wireless connectivity, computing power, sensors and unified IoT platforms make it simpler and cheaper to build a robust connected infrastructure of software applications, data, medical devices, analytics and health systems.

Your health organization will receive the following benefits:

Manage Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) System More Effectively

Maintain a comprehensive, up to date EHR to streamline workflows for patient care management, medical records and billing and tracking prescriptions.

Use connected devices to report and analyze your medical device data in real time so you don’t have to store even more raw data—only what you need. From this data, get access to final reports to speed up decision making that’s less prone to errors and based on data.

Remotely Monitor Patients with Internet-Connected Medical Devices

Allow patients to use wearable sensors and smartphones to conduct routine tests and send real-time data to physicians. This saves time and limits the number of clinic visits to only true necessities.

For manufacturers, remotely monitoring your devices as they work on patients in the field helps you understand how they’re performing. You can make tweaks and adjustments according real-time to patient use and feedback. Not to mention, you can spot and correct issues before they become costly.

Reduce Costly Medical Errors

Over 50,000 lives are lost in the U.S. each year over some kind of preventable medical error. This includes any event that might cause or lead to harmful medication usage by patients.

As connected devices record more data and produce final reports for doctors, they can make more informed decisions and greatly reduce these errors from happening.

There’s also a financial burden. Medical errors cause anywhere from $17 billion to $29 billion to be lost annually in the U.S.

Use internet-linked devices to share clinical data across your network so every decision is backed by the most up to date information.

Learn How RAN Wireless Can Help You Achieve These Benefits and More Today.

Leading health systems and organizations will become more aware of the possibilities of IoT data solutions for healthcare in the years ahead. If you want to join the group who’ll lead the healthcare industry with more efficient and data-driven practices, then reach out to RAN Wireless today.

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