Turn mountains of raw shipping data into competitive intelligence to make your port operations more efficient.

PortMiami is Miami-Dade County’s second most important economic engine contributing $43 billion annually to the local economy and supporting more than 334,500 jobs in South Florida. It is recognized as the Cruise Capital of the World and Cargo Gateway of the Americas.

PortMiami is the second largest economic engine in Miami-Dade County. It will continue to play a critical role in the current and future economic development of Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.

Technology that Makes a Difference

You might wonder, as we have, what makes this port different? It isn’t a native ability to move more shipping containers. It isn’t better location or around-the-clock hours from workers.

The difference lies in more efficient operations and better data solutions from IoT technology.

At PortMiami, an endless stream of information is received and analyzed regarding ships in dock, cranes in the yard and individual containers. As a result, operators can move 20-25 percent more cargo per hour than any other competitors in northern America.

And that’s where RAN Wireless can help you, whether you’re located in Miami or elsewhere in the US or if you specialize in cruise liners or cargo ships. Using our solutions, you’ll have IoT connectivity to turn mountains of raw shipping data into competitive intelligence. We’ll help you use data to foster more cost-effective, regulatory-friendly operations.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll also help you track changes in your port’s performance. That way you can see the measurable benefits from IoT technology and prove its effectiveness to leaders in your organization.

Benefits of IoT Technology in the Maritime Industry

Fuel costs can account for as much as 50-60% of total shipping costs. IoT sensor technology can track your ship’s performance and send the data back to the main office on shore. This gives the ship master and chief engineer guidance on how to plan the most energy-efficient route.

Over the next 18 months, 75% of shipowners plan to use IoT solutions for their operations. Over the next three years, the average shipowner plans to spend over $2.5 million on IoT solutions. This will be invested in improving vessel tracking, ship maintenance and crew safety.

These regulatory benefits paired with a growing business need for smarter maritime operations make IoT a natural investment of choice for operators and shipowners across the globe.

With RAN Wireless port and maritime IoT solutions, you’ll transform your day-to-day operations at sea and at port. We’ve built private, secure IoT networks that cover Miami-Dade county... If you’re interested in pinpointing issues, reducing downtime and joining the inevitable shift of the maritime industry, reach out to us today.

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