Managed Data Solutions

Build powerful and robust hybrid data solutions to solve your business challenges.

Data’s useless if you don’t know how to put it to work.

Words like big data, artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) have gathered a lion’s share of media attention.

But using your data to its full potential is just as much about management as it is about technology.

Connected devices can generate vast quantities of data that yield clever insights, but those insights will die on the vine unless all team members carry it forward by understanding its implications, making critical decisions, building it into a product, or streamlining operations.

Putting data to work includes the whole sequence, from data to insight to profit.

Simplify Your Business Operations with Managed Data Solutions

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data your business is generating? Do you know exactly what to do with your data?

Whether you’re looking to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology, struggling to make sense of data across your business, or need help understanding the value of it all, our experts can help you explore a solution today.

With expertise in a variety of industries, RAN Wireless crafts the best solutions together in one package.

We’ll help you navigate the complex landscape of IoT and data service providers. Together, we can identify specific data solutions for your business needs.


By using data from connected devices to tell you what’s really happening with your business, rather than what you assume is happening.

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing the right managed data solution requires an exploration of your business' needs and the capabilities, reliability, and scalability of the different solutions you're considering.

Most find the biggest challenge to be researching how these new technologies will affect their current infrastructure, culture, and the overall business.

These questions may seem overwhelming at first, but they’ll help you narrow the search of your managed data solution.

You want to avoid using untested, expensive, or unreliable platforms for your products. Your reputation and revenue are on the line.

What We Can Offer You

RAN Wireless’ team of experts is ready to explore with you to choose how you can take advantage of our managed data solutions.

Our consultative approach—delivered through workshops, assessments and training—will guide you to solutions that have a measurable business impact.

Learn how our managed data solutions can help your industry.

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