Cement your building’s safety and ongoing operations at all times by solving issues before they occur with predictive maintenance.

There are few more accomplishing feelings than opening the doors to a brand-new building. The ribbon’s been cut, and the architect’s vision has been achieved.

But once the building plan has been executed, who actually runs its day to day operations?

Who makes sure the building meets the needs of those working in it…manages the building…takes care of cleaning, security and parking…oversees maintenance…measures safety…makes efficient use of office space and energy…?

These responsibilities, of course, are left to operations and facilities managers.

Each of these duties support one bottom line: the facility must remain safe and operational at all times.

Like most facilities and building operations professionals, you most likely spend a great deal of time analyzing the severity of issues in your building or plant.

This might include looking for better approaches to control your building’s supply of energy, gas and water. Or dealing with the daily pattern of breakdowns, repairs and replacements.

You might spend even more time drafting or executing written plans to solve these issues. All while maintaining tight control over your budget.

If these points of pain at all describe what you deal with on a day to day basis, then RAN Wireless smart building solutions will be the smartest investment you could make for the next five years ahead.

You’ll get solutions that achieve results. No complicated setup. No extra work for you. Here’s how our solutions will give you the data you need to quickly identify and solve the unavoidable issues that occur in your building:

Predict Building Maintenance Before it’s a Problem

Instead of chasing problem after problem after problem, use sensor data to predict and budget for maintenance more accurately. This can extend the life of machine components and place your team ahead of the curve by letting you fix problems before they happen. It saved Boeing 13% on their annual operational budget.

Depending on the size of your budget, that could be a massive figure.

Save More Energy

Use embedded sensors that integrate with your lighting and HVAC systems to track room occupancy. Based on occupancy data, the sensors can automatically turn lights on and off.

Not to mention, better energy efficiency will pull you out of the group that contributes 40% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

Learn How RAN Wireless Can Help You Achieve These Benefits and More Today.

Facilities managers will become more well-versed in the possibilities of smart building technology in the years ahead. If you want to learn more about which metrics will help your business and your bottom line, reach out to RAN Wireless today.

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