Remain compliant and adapt to customers’ changing needs with food & beverage IoT solutions.

Will Food & Beverage IoT be the Right Fit for Your Business?

The answer depends on what type of business you run.

If your business evolves with a dynamic Food & Beverage industry, if your business understands the ever-changing needs of customers, if your business genuinely wants to provide environmental value by minimizing food waste, then IoT solutions will be the smartest investment you can make for the short-term and long-term.

Three important trends exist in the food and beverage industry right now. And businesses who respond well to these trends using IoT technology will become front-runners. Those who don’t respond will risk lagging behind in nearly every area of the business.

Trend #1: Consumers want to know where their food came from.

In the age of the internet, consumers are demanding quick access to detailed information about every product they buy—and the Food & Beverage industry is no different. They want to be able to scan a food item’s QR code with their smartphone and track its entire supply chain.

One of your store customers could scan a QR code for a cereal box, for example, and learn everything about how the cereal was made, packaged and stored. They’ll appreciate access to ingredients, expiration dates, certifications, and promo offers in an attractive, easy-to-read format.

This transparent, more-informed buying decision cements trust between you, the seller, and your buyers—made possible only through IoT technology.

Trend #2: Regulators are cracking down on food safety.

The FDA’s 2011 Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) has catalyzed global change in the Food & Beverage industry. The Agency is no longer dealing with one food contamination after another. It’s up to businesses like yours to prevent them from ever happening.

How do you do this?

Gain greater visibility over your manufacturing, production and transportation processes through IoT technology.

Track food in transit to make sure transportation conditions don’t impact safety or quality. Use sensors to monitor food container temperatures so you know they’re being stored safely. Trigger staff to perform safety inspections when your sensors indicate a possible issue or violation.

IoT solutions like these help your business remain compliant while raising your food products’ quality—the only way to respond to tighter regulations.

Trend #3: Consumers want to buy from environmentally conscious brands.

Did you know America wastes 40 percent of our food? That’s comparable to coming home with five full bags of groceries and throwing two of them straight into the trash can. Consumers have become increasingly aware of this multi-billion-dollar waste of food that could be used to feed starving people, and they want it to stop.

62 out of 100 consumers said they look to brands to help them improve our planet’s health. They’re only going to buy from businesses who push to eliminate this disappointing amount of waste.

IoT is how you’ll lead this growing push. You’ll show your customers that you’re a part of the solution, not the problem. Use IoT sensors to track food products through your supply chain to improve freshness and pinpoint potential waste. Place IoT devices in food pallets to monitor shelf-life.

Investing in a Better Future Through IoT Solutions

With RAN Wireless Food & Beverage IoT solutions, you’ll respond to these growing trends and lead the charge to tackle some of your biggest challenges. If you’re interested in a more detailed look at how we’ll help your business, reach out to us today.

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